Digital Exhibit Stickers That Can Be Appliced Direclty to Your PDF Files. THE solution for virtual meetings, depositions and court proceedings. [UNLIMITED E-Stickers]

In this time of virtual meetings, zoom depositions and moving forward under a new paradigm, E-Stickers are the solution for adding exhibit stickers in a virtual setting. With the E-Sticker, you can easily add digital exhibit stickers directly to your Adobe PDF exhibits with the click of a button and then share those files with your virtual audience. Perfect for court reporters, legal assistants and lawyers. It’s easy to install and easy to use. And, unlike physical exhibit stickers, E-Stickers never run out. Your license is good for unlimited E-Stickers while using your current version of Acrobat. (…and YES, this does work with Adobe Reader, the FREE version of Acrobat).

The All-In-One E-Stickers let you customize your digital sticker with a custom title, your name, deponant name, date or any other information that is relevant to your needs. You can also choose from a variety of colors. The powerful auto-incrementing and auto-numbering feature sequentially numbers/letters your E-Sticker for you as you place each stamp. It even remembers the next number you need to begin with, saving you time and peace of mind.

The E-Sticker provides you with an easy to use solution for navigating this new virtual world.

Compatible with Adobe Acrobat X, XI & DC (2015, 2017 & 2019). [Not supported for Adobe 9.0 or earlier versions.]

We call our E-Stickers “All-In-One” because with these E-Stickers, your choices are almost limitless. Every E-Sticker is customizable with a choice of 10 colors, custom title, prefix and the ability to set a starting number/letter. The E-Sticker will automatically sequentially number/letter your stamps as you place them. It even remembers where you left off, for the next time you need to stamp an exhibit. Or, you can use the new “Use File Name” feature if your documents are already named according to your exhibit numbers.

Styles 2-4 have an additional field for use, either a header, sub-title or footer, respectively. These are perfect for adding Cause Number, Date, Deponant…you name it!

Try the E-Sticker Free!

Click below to get your free digital white “Exhibit” E-Sticker. It has the same manual entry feature that all of our stickers have and is 100% fully functional. It’s super easy to use and there’s no expiration…use it as long as you like. Why not give it a try today?

Once you give it a whirl, come back and check out all the additional features of the paid version such as complete customization of colors and text and autoincrementing numbering and lettering.

Don’t have Adobe Acrobat? Download the free reader here:
Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC)Adobe Acrobat Reader (Mac)

We’ve added a few new features to the All-In-One, including the ability to increment by letters, manually enter any combination of letter/numbers or special characters and 4 new colors!

How it works

The E-Sticker is a plug-in specifically created to add electronic exhibit stickers to your PDF files directly within Adobe Acrobat. It works with Adobe Acrobat versions X, XI & DC (2015, 2017, 2019) and also the Acrobat Free Reader (version X or higher).

This allows you to:

  • Maintain complete control over your documents, without having to send to outside vendors and pay per piece (saving you money and time) 
  • Not have to upload to an online service that requires you to send in your case sensitive documents and charges by the piece (saving you money and keeping case files safe and sound). 
  • Have basically no learning curve, you are using a program you are already familiar with – the E-Sticker plug-in requires no new software to install.
  • Have a professional look for your exhibits (no more hand labeling)
  • Save money. One time cost and unlimited E-Stickering with each license.
  • Save time you could use preparing for your case. Easily sticker hundreds of documents in minutes.

If you are a NuanceNitro or other third party PDF user, no problem. Simply work with your PDFs in your program of choice and when you are ready to add exhibit labels, open your PDFs with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, select your E-Sticker and stamp away.

Powerful features, such as the ability to auto-number or letter, make it very easy to digitally exhibit sticker PDFs. Set your starting number or letter, choose your E-Sticker (or us the quick “k” key short cut) and with the click of your mouse you have placed your E-Sticker. When you open your next document the E-Sticker remembers the last number/letter you used and automatically increments to the next number or letter making it simple and convenient to E-Sticker all your PDF files. You can even use the E-Sticker to add blank labels to your PDFs to prep for depositions. 

Our E-Stickers give you the ability to:

  • automatically increment numbers or letters 
  • add an optional prefix before your exhibit number/letter

  • use the file name for your exhibit number
  • manually override incrementing feature if you need to use unique characters 
  • create a blank exhibit sticker using the manual feature 
  • add an exhibit title/subtitle/footer (see the All-In-One E-Stickers Styes 2-3) 
  • choose from 10 colors

A Case Study: Kathy

ExhibitSticker.com is a subsidiary of  The Exhibit Company. For over 20+ years, The Exhibit Company has been providing visual consulting services, presentation design and in-trial support for litigators across the country. One of our oldest and dearest clients, Kathy,  called us in a panic one afternoon. She was the paralegal on a very large and deadlines fast approaching. She was looking for a digital solution to help her exhibit label over a thousand documents over the weekend. That was the birth of the first E-Sticker. We developed a prototype digital E-Sticker solution that saved her client over $1,000 (or more) and saved her precious time which she didn’t have to spare. Since that time, we’ve improved the E-Sticker to be even faster and easier to use.

What Kathy was facing:

  • print out the first page of over 1,000 exhibits which were already in PDF format
    (hard cost to be incurred – $0.89/page)
  • hand sticker each and every document with Tabbies or some other brand of physical exhibit sticker
    (labor and hard costs incurred – sticker cost + labor time)
  • type up an additional label with the exhibit number and affix to the Tabbie sticker [her client did not want any handwritten exhibit stickers and she did not have a Tabbies template to print on]
    (labor and hard costs incurred – Label cost + lots of labor time),
  • re-scan all of the documents with the new exhibit sticker,
    (hard cost incurred – outsourced to vendor – $0.10/page)
  • painstakingly replace the existing first page of each exhibit with the newly scanned document within the PDF (labor and hard costs incurred – labor time + risk of error)
  • reprint first page for physical set
    (hard cost to be incurred – $0.89/page)
  • maintain control of all the documents throughout the life of the 6 steps above
    (labor cost incurred + frustration + time).

 The E-Sticker digital way:

  • open up PDF exhibit, enter starting number and E-Sticker your PDF
    (fraction of the time of hand sticking and hand numbering)
  • go to next document and add sticker (it will automatically increment to the next number)
    (almost no time involved)

That’s it. Two steps instead of six, countless hours of time saved and no outsourcing costs. All for the price of a billable hour…if that.

And…with the batcher, it is even faster…one click you are done. Because the batcher is so powerful, we only provide it upon request.

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