I did not receive an email with the product links after purchasing the E-Sticker

If you do not receive an email with the product download link after purchasing your E-Sticker you might be running into one of the following problems:

    • The product download email has been filtered to your Junk or Spam folder. Please check these first.


    • The product download email is automatically sent to the email you entered upon purchasing your E-Sticker. If you purchased with a personal gmail or hotmail account (as some people do when they choose to use PayPal for their payment method), the product download email will go to that personal email account.


  • Your anti-virus program is stopping the product email from coming through. Please fill our our contact form or shoot us an email ( and we can make arrangements to send the files to you using an alternate method.

I cannot install the E-Sticker

This product is not a program you are installing, rather it is a plug-in that runs completely within Adobe Acrobat. You will need to restart Adobe Acrobat before the E-Sticker will work properly.

In some cases, your anti-virus scanner might interfere with the installation process. Please try disabling or pausing your anti-virus program and installing again.

No Add-On Toolbar

The E-Sticker Properties box is located in the Tools | Add-On Tools panel. On some Computers, the Add-On Tools panel is disabled by default. If you do not see the Add-On Tools panel please try the following:

[Click to enlarge image]

Select the Tools menu to see if you have the Add-On Tools menu under the Protection menu item. If not, click on the small icon directly under the Comment tab and check the Add-On Tools selection toward the bottom of the pop-up menu. Once you do that you should see the Add-On Tools menu that is now available. Your E-Sticker Properties dialog boxes are accessible within this the Add-On Tools Menu.

Click image below to watch a short video tutorial:

I can see my stamp but I don't know how to set the properties

Your E-Sticker Properties are located within the Tools | Add-on Tools Pallet. If you have trouble locating the add-on tools pallet, please see the entry above entry “No Add-On Tools in Adobe Acrobat”

Trying to place an E-Sticker but the sticker is greyed out

In some cases, you might receive a PDF that has been protected by the originator of the PDF file. There are certain settings when creating a PDF that let you turn off commenting, printing, copying and a host of other setting. The E-Sticker falls under the “Comments” category so check your document to see if “Comments” have been turned off.  From the main menu line, go to File | Preferences | Security. This will bring up a list showing what items have been disabled by the maker of the PDF.

If Comments have been disabled, you can do one of three things:

  1. If printing has not been disabled, you can print the file and re-scan the document as a new PDF
  2. Ask for an unprotected version from the originator of the PDF (which may or may not be an option)
  3. If you can’t re-print the file or get the originator to give you an unsecured file, as a last resort, you can use a third party program to unlock the PDF. You can Google “Remove PDF Security” and you will see several options available.

The manual feature is not working on my E-Sticker

The manual feature on the paid version of the E-Sticker works a bit differently than the free E-Sticker so some folks might find it confusing the first time they use it. To get the manual box to pop-up you will first need to select the manual option in the properties box (See above if you have trouble locating the properties box). Next you will select your E-Sticker from the Stamps Tool. At this point you will need to place your E-Sticker on the document. Once you place the E-Sticker, the manual box will then come up where you can then enter your information.

PDF/A compliant documents

By their very nature PDF/A documents are stripped of any meta data, stamps, annotations and anything else that can be altered in a PDF file. You can turn off the PDF/A view mode by following the steps below. Once the PDF/A view mode is turned off you should be able to E-Sticker your document.

For Adobe Acrobat 9.0 – Turning off PDF/A view mode:

Select Edit  > Preferences Select Documents (half way down list) Go to PDF/A view mode section Choose: Never’

For Adobe Acrobat X & XI – Turning off PDF/A view mode:

Select Edit  > Preferences Select Documents (2nd on the list) Go to PDF/A view mode section Choose: Never

NOTE: YOU MUST FLATTEN YOUR DOCUMENT before you will be able to create a PDF/A compliant document. See our information about Flattening here: How to Flatten your PDF documents and why it’s important.