Google+ is a subsidiary of  The Exhibit Company. For over 17 years, The Exhibit Company has been providing visual consulting services, presentation design and in-trial support for litigators across the country. One of our oldest and dearest clients called us in a panic one afternoon. She was the paralegal on very large case with over a 1,000 exhibits and deadlines fast approaching. We developed a digital E-Sticker solution that saved her client over $1,000 (or more) and saved her precious time which she didn’t have to spare.
Our client’s options were simple…the old way or the new E-Sticker way:

The old way:

  • print out the first page of over 1,000 exhibits which were already in PDF format
    (hard cost incurred)
  • hand sticker each and every document with Tabbies or some other brand of physical exhibit sticker
    (labor and hard costs incurred)
  • type up an additional label with the exhibit number and affix to the Tabbie sticker [her client did not want any handwritten exhibit stickers and she did not have a Tabbies template to print on]
    (labor and hard costs incurred),
  • re-scan all of the documents with the new exhibit sticker,
    (hard cost incurred – outsourced to vendor)
  • painstakingly replace the existing first page of each exhibit with the newly scanned document within the PDF (labor and hard costs incurred),
  • maintain control of all the documents throughout the life of the 5 steps above
    (labor and hard costs incurred).


 The new E-Sticker digital way:

  • open up PDF exhibit, enter starting number and E-Sticker your PDF
    (fraction of the time of hand sticking and hand numbering)
  • go to next document and add sticker (it will automatically increment to the next number)
    (almost no time involved)


That’s it. Two steps instead of six, countless hours of time saved and no outsourcing costs. All for the price of a billable hour…if that.

If you happen to have your own case study you would like to share with others regarding how beneficial the E-Sticker has been for you, please drop us a line. We would love to share your experience with others who are looking for a better way tackle the tedious exhibit sticker process.