Flattening Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

As with all Adobe® Acrobat stamps, the E-Sticker is not a part of the base document until you choose to flatten your PDF.

However, it’s important to flatten the E-Sticker into the base layer of the document at some point before submitting to the court, opposing counsel or trial technician. This will ensure that the E-Sticker is displayed and printed properly.

Flattening is a simple process but please, please keep a backup set of your documents before flattening!  Even though you will be asked to save your file and give it a new name or location, it is a best practice to have a backup set tucked away so you don’t accidentally overwrite your original files. Once you flatten a PDF file, your E-Sticker becomes a part of the document.

Flattening Single Documents



Flattening Multiple Documents

If you have multiple documents you need to flatten, we suggest you try one of these handy flattening scripts. Credit goes to Rick Borstein for these flatteners. Rick has a fantastic blog called Acrobat for Legal Professionals (blogs.adobe.com/acrolaw). You might want to check out his site if you have a moment, he has tons of helpful articles for using Adobe Acrobat for those of us in the legal world.

Click on the link below to download the flattening script and instructions on how to install and use the flattener. These work great for any document that includes annotations, stamps, digital signatures and form fields.


Click to Download: Flattener for Adobe Acrobat X, XI & DC (Pro Only) PDF files

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