Upgrading to the new All-In-One (Style 1) E-Sticker


You have been emailed an upgrade code which will allow you to upgrade to the new All-In-One (Style 1) for free. Please read through the complete set of download instructions below before starting the upgrade process.

Step 1:

Click on the “Upgrade Now” button below after you have read through the rest of the steps.

Upgrade Now!



Step 2:

a. Enter your ZIP code and the discount/upgrade code that was emailed to you.

b. Select “Update Cart”

c. Cart total should now be $0

d. Select “Checkout” to proceed to upgrade page.


Step 3:

a. Fill in the buyer information

b. Sign-up for future product update information

c. Click on “Complete Free Checkout Button”

















Step 4:

Click to download your install file. Be sure to note where the file downloads to your computer. (Check your Downloads folder if you can’t locate the install file or search for aios1.exe). At this point you can also download or view the Installation and User Guide. To save to your computer select File | Save As and save to your computer.














Step 5:

Double click on the installation file to begin the upgrade.

Please be sure that Adobe Acrobat is closed before beginning the upgrade process.

You will be asked to enter your name and registration code. (The Registration Code is emailed to you after you complete Step 4). [TIP: If you copy the registration code from your email before you launch the install program, it will automatically fill in the registration information for you.]


DONE…open Adobe Acrobat and check out the new features!

Step 6

We want to hear from you!

We really appreciate your feedback and love hearing what unique things you are doing with the E-Sticker. Please drop us a line to let us now what you think about the new upgrades or how this product has impacted you. We have room for case studies so feel free share your stories!

All the best, The E-Sticker Development Team