Setting the Properties: Adobe Acrobat DC

Open a PDF document in Adobe® Acrobat DC.  You should see a new pop-out tool bar item with an icon(s) called “E-Sticker | ***** Props”. If you purchased an All-in-One, then you will have one of the Style 1-4 properties boxes. Combination Pack user will use the  “E-Sticker | Basic Props” icon. Clicking the icon to bring up your E-Sticker Properties box. The E-Sticker’s properties must be set the first time you use the E-Sticker and anytime you need to change any of the properties.

If you use the Free/Promo E-Sticker, you will note that there are no properties. It is a static E-Sticker in which only the character field (exhibit number) is changed. This is manually process and each time the E-Sticker is selected a dialog box pops up for the user to enter any or no character.


If the Add-on Tools pop up window doesn’t appear or has been closed, you can always locate it by clicking on the Tools tab or by searching under the Tools tab.


If you are using Acrobat Pro, then you can click “Add” and the Add-on Tools icon will be loaded on the right side Short Cut tool bar.


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