Time Saving Tips

Use the shortcut “K” key to place E-Sticker 

If you set up your preferences to enable single-key shortcuts, you simply have to select the “K” key anytime you want to place your E-Sticker.

To set this up choose Edit > Preferences > General > Use single-key accelerations to access tools.


Once you have done this, select the E-sticker you want to use and place it on the page. When you open your next document, all you will need to do is select the “K” key and your E-Sticker will be automatically be placed on the page at your next cursor click.

Adding Your E-Sticker to the “Favorites” Menu

You can make locating the stamp icon easier by adding it to the Short Cut toolbar. FavDC1


Using the Select tool or the Hand tool, select the E-Sticker on the page. With the E-Sticker selected, go to the Comment & Markup toolbar, click the Stamp icon and choose Favorites > Add Current Stamp To Favorites.


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