If you have a need that is not satisfied by any of our All-In-One options, we can custom design an E-Sticker to meet your specifications. These are designed from scratch to include your case specific information. These are considered one-off electronic exhibit stickers and are typically used for only one case. Unlike the All-In-One E-Stickers, you will not have the ability to edit the titles, footers or headers of a Custom E-Sticker.

Your custom E-Sticker will include our unique auto incrementing capability saving you considerable time over the life of your case. Each custom E-Sticker gives you the ability to:

  • automatically increment numbers or letters (blast through hundreds of documents quickly!)
  • add an optional prefix before your exhibit number/letter
  • manually override incrementing feature if you need to use unique characters

Simply fill out the contact form below stating the information you need to have on your E-Sticker. We will email you a proof within five business days. Once the Custom E-Sticker has been approved, we will collect payment and deliver the product via digital download.

Price: $249.95


Custom E-Sticker Request Form


(Appears in Large Bold Font - Example: Depo Exhibit, Trial Exhibit)
(Appears in Smaller Non-Bold Font - Example: Case Name, Cause Number)
(Appears in Smaller Non-Bold Font Below the Exhibit Number- Example: Case Name, Cause Number)

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