Finally! A simple plug-in specifically created to add electronic exhibit stickers to your PDF files within Adobe Acrobat including the free Adobe Acrobat Reader XI.

Because this is a plug-in, there is no new software to install. You can be up and running in minutes.

If you are a Nuance, Nitro or other third party PDF user, no problem. Simply work with your PDFs in your program of choice and when you are ready to add exhibit labels, open your PDFs with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, select your E-Sticker and stamp away.

Powerful features, such as the ability to auto-number or letter, make it very easy to digitally exhibit sticker PDFs. Set your starting number or letter, choose your E-Sticker (or us the quick “k” key short cut) and with the click of your mouse you have placed your E-Sticker. When you open your next document the E-Sticker remembers the last number/letter you used and automatically increments to the next number or letter making it simple and convenient to E-Sticker all your PDF files. Compared to hand sticking exhibit labels, you can E-Sticker so much faster, not to mention look more professional and save money by not having to re-scan or re-print your documents after they have been labeled. You can even use the E-Sticker to add blank labels to your PDFs. There are so many great reasons to use the E-Sticker.

Our E-Stickers give you the ability to:

  • automatically increment numbers or letters
  • add an optional prefix before your exhibit number/letter
  • manually override incrementing feature if you need to use unique characters
  • create a blank exhibit sticker using the manual feature
  • add an exhibit title/subtitle/footer (see the All-In-One E-Stickers)
  • choose from 12 colors (see the All-In-One E-Stickers)