Working with your E-Sticker


If you have placed the E-Sticker in a bad spot, simply click on the exhibit sticker and hover over the center until you see the Move Crosshairs. Once you see the crosshairs, click and hold with your mouse and drag the E-Sticker to a new spot


To delete an E-Sticker, click on the existing E-Sticker select the Delete key or right-click on the E-Sticker and select Delete from the pull-down menu.

Editing your Exhibit Number:

If you have typed in the wrong exhibit number or need to make a change for some reason, simply click on the existing E-Sticker and delete it using the Delete key or by right-clicking on the E-Sticker and selecting Delete. Then apply a new E-Sticker with the correct information.


In some instances, you might need to rotate the E-Sticker to orient it properly to your document. Click on the E-Sticker and hover over the white circle above the middle of the E-Sticker. You will see a rotate arrow appear. Click on the rotate arrow and rotate the sticker to the appropriate position.

Adding a Blank E-Sticker:

You can always add a blank exhibit sticker to your PDFs by leaving the Manual Entry field blank. This can be useful If you are going into a situation where you might not know the exhibit numbers, such as a deposition.

The E-Sticker has been standardized to reflect a physical exhibit sticker on an 8.5 x 11 document. If you have larger documents (i.e., plats, maps) or smaller documents (i.e. photos) you can easily re-size the E-Sticker. Click on the E-Sticker and hover over one of the four corners of the E-Sticker and a Re-Size arrow will appear. Drag the corner of the E-Sticker out (away from the E-Sticker to make it larger or in (toward the center of the E-Sticker) to make it smaller.

Working With Unusual Numbers, Letters or Special Characters:

If you need to use a decimal in your exhibit number, such as Smith-001.001, Smith-001.002, Smith-003.003, etc., enter everything including the decimal into the Prefix box, and set the Starting Number to the first number or letter that comes after the decimal.


Number/Letter Combinations:
If you need to use a combination of letters and numbers such as Smith-A1, Smith-A2, Smith-A3, etc., enter everything including the letter into the Prefix box and set the Starting Number to the first number that comes after the letter:



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